Sustainable Change Needs Clarity

I support you, your team or your organization through different stages of complex change processes. For this, I shape spaces for insight and change, for strategy development, for dialogue and learning, for developing new projects, for solving conflicts, for healing and reconciliation.

I do this for people who envision sustainable change: for teams and organisations; in communities; for leaders and decision makers; for creative minds, unconventional thinkers and change makers. Depending on the issue at hand, I act in the capacity of facilitator, consultant, mediator, coach or interim manager.

Dialogue is the central tool of my trade, in which I am innovative and non-dogmatic, provocative and sensitive, communicative and structured. When the storm erupts, I offer a clear overview. When the direction is unclear, I am a compass. When there is no movement, I rock the boat.

Engage me as a sparring partner, as a temporary co-thinker, as a mirror, as a provicative mind, as communication guide, as a temporary manager.

  • Facilitation and Workshops
  • Organization Development
  • Team Development
  • Interim Management
  • Conflict Resolution and Mediation
  • Coaching

I do not prescribe or offer standard solutions. Instead, you get my full attention: for yourself, for your goals, your resources and your situation’s details. I listen, question and challenge you to establish new clarity and new perspectives. On that basis, we will be looking for possibilities, solutions and strategies, for new and innovative roads to take.