For larger projects, I currently cooperate with several professionals in the following projects and organisations:

Participation Works!, Frankfurt/Amsterdam
In Participation Works! I cooperate with Nicolien Zuijdgeest, We offer participatory support for projects in development cooperation and peacebuilding: assessments, project development, education, training, monitoring and evaluation. We connect as a team, because of our common focus on participatory approaches, a heart for people, an eye for sustainability and experience in crisis regions.

Courageous in Conflict (ger. Mutig im Konflikt) is a cooperation project with a team of 5 trainers. We offer training in facilitation and conflict management in a polarized society. The training is conducted in cooperation with the Evangelische Erwachsenenbildung (EEB) in Lower Saxony, Germany

Talentkraftwerk, Bonn/Frankfurt
Talentkraftwerk, the talent power plant, offers training and coaching for managers who find themselves in the role of facilitator in agile organisations and new work settings. Talentkraftwerk is a cooperation with Peggy Terletzki, Growing Into Life, Bonn, Our common themes are coaching, change facilitation, teamwork, organisational health & balance, high sensitive and multi-talented persons.

I share my office with Bernd Fechler, Inmedio Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main, Our common themes are mediation, dialogue, coaching, team & organization development, intercultural communication and diversity.

Academic Teaching
At the University for Peace in Costa Rica in the Peace Education Master Program
At the Institute for Ethnology at Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Platform for Peaceful Conflict Resolution (Plattform zivile Konfliktbearbeitung), Berlin, Germany,, Co-Chair of the Board
Association for Social Development, Driebergen, Netherlands,
German Mediation Association (Bundesverband Mediation), Kassel, Germany,