I see my consulting work as my personal and passionate engagement for a better society, for a constructive coexistence, for a sustainable work and life environment.

I am convinced that the key for development is within people themselves. People working and living in the most diverse contexts, now and again need some support to get these insights to the surface and to make the first steps in a new direction. For this, I ask questions, shape participatory processes, facilitate communication.

During my years of professional development, I have come to value:

  • People and their interactions over structures, processes and tools;
  • Good communication over comprehensive documentation;
  • Team work over norms and regulations;
  • Responding to change over following a plan.

That is, although I certainly see value in the elements at the end of these statements, I value the elements at the start more. Only from this agile, holistic and organic perspective, clarity can be found to be able to act within the complexity, contradictions and paradoxes of work and life.