What I do

Supporting complex and sustainable change processes from diagnosis to implementation. Strategy development, learning and exchange, conflict management and dialogue.

Who I am

Facilitator, coach, mediator, trainer, engineer and philosopher. An experienced consultant with deep insights in social processes, with a heart for people, always expecting the unexpected.

How I work

The key for development is within the people themselves. I support people to find this key and to implement first steps in a new direction.

What my clients say

"... combines high professional competencies, deep knowledge and very pleasant personal style."
"... highly professional consultant with diplomatic skills and excellent overview amidst the hectics of deadlines."
"... showed great competence, understanding and sensitivity at the same time while supporting us in a quite complex re-organisational process."

Newsletter and Information


    Phone: + 49 69 92020 952
    Email: info@wiebering.com

    Schützenstrasse 4
    60311 Frankfurt am Main