Consultant, Coach, Engineer, Philosopher – Kees Wiebering

Consultant, Coach, Engineer, Philosopher

Change processes and dialogue have long been the common thread in my work. I studied philosophy and physics, as a dialogue between science and the humanities with a focus on the social roles of science and technology. Later I studied mediation organizational development and coaching.

I became an engineer with an understanding of social processes, a philosopher with an eye for the possibilities and limits of technology and science. I became a manager with an ear for people and a consultant who expects the unexpected.

I am married, 51 years old and was born in the Netherlands. After a several years in the Balkans, I have been living in Frankfurt for 14 years. In my private life I read literature and comics, enjoy art and hiking, and play music, chess and badminton. I speak several languages. Next to my consulting work, I am researching the role of dialogue in peacebuilding.