Examples – Kees Wiebering


My approach comes from philosophy, from conflict management and organizational development, and from my considerable experience in dialogue processes.

I offer many years of experience: Management consulting, mediation, training and coaching, both in international and intercultural contexts of development cooperation as well as in business.

Some examples:

  • Improving cooperation between volunteers and staff workers in a local community in Hesse, Germany
  • Shaping cooperation between guards and social workers as a pilot project in a prison in Switzerland
  • Management support for an organisation in Poland that was forced to change its way of working in a radically altered context
  • Assessments and participatory idea generation for peace-building projects (Balkan, Caucasus)
  • Team development and conflict management in a bar in the squatters‘ scene in the Netherlands
  • Online coaching of expats in development cooperation and peace-building (from central Asia to South America)
  • Mediation training for NGO and governmental representatives in Macedonia
  • Training and supervising voluntary mediators in a local community mediation project in Hesse, Germany
  • Preparatory training seminars and coaching for German peace workers
  • Several initiatives and support for local change makers in peace-building projects in the Balkans
  • Participatory evaluation of two educational projects in the Balkans