Online Support

All my services can be supported through online support. I offer various versatile and secure online services, either as a complementary service or as a complete online alternative. Support ranges from videoconferencing to shared documents, whiteboards and chat. In addition standard webservices, I use my own secure server.

Possibilities vary, for example:

  • Online workshops or seminars
  • Online versions of the Worldcafe method or Open Space sessions
  • Team work with chat, forum and shared documents
  • E-learning or blended learning
  • Dialogue or storytelling
  • Online management coaching

For communication, videoconferencing and online seminars, I use Zoom, Bigbluebutton or Jitsimeet. For additional workshop support, I use a version of Etherpad for documents and Spacedeck or Miro as whiteboard. Chat is possible as well, for example through Element or Discord. All these services run in the browser, no additional software is needed. For best results use Firefox, Chrome or Chromium.

My online support server is hosted in Germany. All software on it is secure and open source. All data produced in the framework of a project is subject to my privacy policy.