As an all-rounder, one of my strengths is to see the connections between organisation development, mediation, facilitation and coaching. It enables to fit the approach to the problems as hand. The following central themes are to be understood as examples of my work, as elements I encounter on a regular basis.

Organisation development, change facilitation and conflict management

  • Mediation in team conflicts
  • Facilitating strategy workshops
  • Team development in intercultural and international settings
  • Support during design and implementation of new forms of cooperation
  • Supporting organisations and teams that work with agile organisational setups (e.g. Scrum or Design Thinking)


  • Executive coaching during change processes or conflicts
  • Of people working in foreign contexts (e.g. head of missions, professionals in development cooperation and peacebuilding) – also online
  • Of unconventional thinkers, creative minds, multi-talented and change makers
  • Of those who feel hampered in using their competencies to the full, who feel not being at the right place in an organisation, or those who dare to envisage a new career

Development cooperation and peace building

  • Setting up and facilitating dialogue between conflicting groups of people
  • Facilitating multi-stakeholder workshops
  • Participatory support for several steps in the project cycle: assessments, project development, impact analysis, monitoring and evaluation.

Workshops, training and academic teaching

  • Academic teaching in the Master Course at the University for Peace in Costa Rica: Peace Education in Emergency Contexts
  • Teaching at the faculty of Ethnology at the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main: Simulation games for Reflecting on NGO Cooperation in Crises Regions
  • Training for managers in the role of facilitator: Changing management skills in agile work contexts. This training is offered in the context of Talentkraftwerk in Bonn/Frankfurt am Main
  • Training in the context of the adult education program of the Evangelische Erwachsenenbildung (EEB) in Lower Saxony, Germany: Courageous in Conflicts, basic skills for facilitation and conflict management
  • Training in the framework of the mediation course offered by Institut für Kirche und Gesellschaft in Schwerte, Germany: General introduction in mediation, negotiation, mediation in organisations

Additionally, I do philosophical research into the ethical foundations and practice of peacebuilding. My research interests: the role of dialogue in peace processes, NGO coordination and cooperation.