Was Kunden über mich und meine Dienstleistung sagen:

„Kees combines high professional competencies, deep knowledge and very pleasant personal style.“ ~ Dr. Katarina P.

„It has been a pleasure having had Kees with us. He showed great competence, understanding and sensitivity at the same time while supporting us in a quite complex re-organisational process.“ ~ Sven R.

„I truly learned to appreciate his genuine, reflective approach to teaching, and his sincere, informed coaching support in times of complex challenges.“ ~ Christopher D.

„Kees is a dedicated, inspiring, knowledgeable, experienced and insightful trainer, concerned with group dynamics as much as with individual processes.“ ~ Naima G.

„Kees is a very dedicated and reliable trainer in the field of conflict transformation. I have always been impressed by his very high committment to his work.“ ~ Stephan C.

„I can recommend Kees as a highly professional consultant with diplomatic skills and excellent overview amidst the hectics of deadlines.“ ~ Anna S.

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